NTEU Fighting for Your Telework

NTEU has decided that if the Agency wants to retain complete discretion over telework, then it will have to get that from the Federal Service Impasse Panel (FSIP/Panel).  Below, you’ll see links to our Last Best Offer (LBO) and the Agency’s LBO.  It is pretty easy to see why we wouldn’t agree to their LBO and that leaving this issue to the Panel was not a gamble for us since we can’t do worse than the Agency getting compete discretion over who, where, when, and for how long employees get to telework.  There’s also an outside chance the FSIP will rule in our favor.  

 Either way, if the Agency comes after your telework we will be prepared to fight back.  This is the location where you’ll find more information on that fight, including suggested actions you can take to engage the Agency and Congress on this issue.  For now, if you aren’t already a member, please join us.  Click here to join.